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October 31

October 31, 1927 – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short Film All Wet is Released to Theaters


On October 31, 1927, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short film All Wet premiered in theaters. It was the fifth Oswald film released by the Disney Studio, and was directed by Ub Iwerks.

Oswald is selling hotdogs at the beach, and attaching two mice that keep sneaking by to steal from him. A customer arrives and buys one, but as the customer tries to eat, the hot dog starts barking, and the customer soon feels guilty enough to let the hot dog go free. As Oswald works, Fanny the Rabbit saunters by, and the two share flirtatious glances. As eh heads to a rowboat, Oswald closes up shop for the day and attempts to take her out in the boat, but she refuses. He then decides to get a job as a lifeguard, paying the current lifeguard to take his place. When Fanny sees him sporting the lifeguard badge, she immediately starts paying attention to him.

Oswald stands proudly with his lifeguard badge, while a nearby child nervously tries to ask him for help

Oswald stands proudly with his lifeguard badge, while a nearby child nervously tries to ask him for help

A child nervously approaches Oswald to get his attention, but Oswald ignores him, until the child is finally able to tell him his problem; Oswald quietly directs the child to the nearest bathroom. While he is distracted, Fanny comes up with a plan to get his attention: she decides to head out to sea in the rowboat herself, and pretends that she is drowning. Oswald hears her cries (although doesn’t realize she’s just floating in an inner tube) and race out after her. A large fish passes her and, thinking she’s food, grabs her foot and pulls her under. Oswald reaches her just in time, and a wave manages to carry them to shore. Fanny looks at Oswald as her hero, and gives him a huge kiss.

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