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October 28

October 28, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film The Pet Store is Released to Theaters


“Oh, hello Minnie! How do you like my zoo?”

On October 28, 1933, the Mickey Mouse short film The Pet Store was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

A sign hangs in the window of Tony’s Pet Store for a boy wanted to work in the shop. Mickey happens to come across it, and enters the store to apply for work, and Tony gladly offers him the job to sweep the shop while he goes out for lunch. Mickey takes to his job quickly, when Minnie strolls in. She is impressed with the pet shop, and begins to sing for the birds, who start chirping with her. An ostrich nearby starts eating the birdseed on the shelf, and develops a bad case of the hiccups. As Mickey takes Minnie to dance, she sets down her umbrella, which is soon eaten by the ostrich. Thanks to his hiccups, the umbrella opens in his throat with every hiccup.

Beppo pries Minnie away from Mickey, acting as though he were King Kong

Beppo pries Minnie away from Mickey, acting as though he were King Kong

A gorilla named Beppo, who does imitations of movie actors (including one of Stan Laurel), decides to imitate King Kong and break out of his cage. After leaving his cage, he grabs Minnie from Mickey and throws Mickey aside, sending the mouse crashing into the birdcages, freeing all the birds. Beppo then climbs a tower of birdseed, in true King Kong fashion, and starts growling from his perch. All of the freed animals start throwing things around creating a huge mess in the pet shop as they try to stop Beppo. Finally, Beppo is captured in a cage, and Mickey takes Minnie to flee from the shop before Tony returns from lunch to find his shop in disarray.

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