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August 5

August 5, 1959 – The Donald Duck Short Film Honey Harvester is Released to Theaters


“Oh boy – honey!”

On August 5, 1949, the Donald Duck short film Honey Harvester was released to theaters. This short features the Goofy holler; commonly attributed to Goofy, this is one of the rare examples it has been used by Donald. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Bill Berg.

Spike the Bee is hard a work in Donald’s greenhouse, gathering honey from flowers and taking it back to his hive in a broken down old car’s radiator. As he works, Donald enters the greenhouse and sees Spike, but thinks nothing of it until he realizes that Spike will lead him to a large amount of honey. He starts looking for Spike, although the bee is reluctant to let Donald follow him to his hive. Donald sets up an ink pad for Spike to step in, and follows the footsteps, although Spike is able to outwit him. Donald tries again, attaching some string to some flypaper and following it to the old car. However, the string leads past the car and up a tree, where Spike cuts down a branch, sending Donald plummeting to the ground.

After several failed attempts to follow Spike, Donald accidentally finds the honey's location

After several failed attempts to follow Spike, Donald accidentally finds the honey’s location

After this mishap, Donald leans on the radiator of the old car, irritated, when he realizes that he has honey all over his hand. Donald then starts filling jars with honey just when Spike returns with more honey. He sees Donald getting away with his stash and attempts to sting him, but Donald protects himself with a pot and a cork. Spike manages to free himself from the cork, but grabs a cactus spike and attempts to attack Donald again with much more force. Donald finally surrenders after being chased around his yard and returns the honey – save for one jar he has hidden in his shirt. Spike sees this and stings Donald again, and Donald flees in panic.

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