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July 27

July 27, 1945 – The Pluto Short Film Canine Casanova is Released to Theaters


“Hey you…!”

On July 27, 1945, the Pluto short film Canine Casanova was released to theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Harry Reeves, Jesse Marsh, and Rex Cox.

Pluto is skipping through the park, when he passes by a beautiful dachshund. Immediately smitten, he turns around and follows her, making a fool of himself as he does so. She rebuffs his attention every time, leaving him more determined than ever. He finds a large bone buried in the ground, and uses it to steal a kiss from her, which only makes her angry. She stops to admire her reflection in a window, and finds Pluto has followed her once again, nearly getting the two in trouble when he breaks the window. Pluto slinks away sadly as she tells him off, and as she walks away, she is snatched up by the dog catcher. She calls out for Pluto’s help as she is driven away.

Pluto sneaks into the dog pound to rescue the cute dachshund

Pluto sneaks into the dog pound to rescue the cute dachshund

Pluto tracks her scent to the dog pound, and quietly peers in, seeing the poor dachshund being courted by scoundrels. He rushes to her rescue, narrowly missing the sleeping guard and his shotgun. He crawls around the back to open her pen, and she is surprised to see Pluto as her rescuer. As the two look for a way out, they realize the only opening is past the sleeping guard and his shotgun. Pluto quickly formulates a plan, and the two almost make it out, except that the guard’s foot drops right as the dachshund is about to crawl underneath his legs. Pluto manages to keep his leg propped up long enough for her to escape, but accidentally hits the butt of the shotgun, slamming it to the ground and setting it off. The two race away as the guard quickly pursues them in his truck. Pluto accidentally sends three barrels of nails flying down the path, which stops the truck in its tracks. The dachshund returns home, giving Pluto a kiss before she does. Pluto follows her, only to find that she has a litter of puppies waiting for her return.

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