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July 24

July 24, 1966 – New Orleans Square is Dedicated at Disneyland


“[New Orleans Square] is quite a project, it’s the way I’ve always wanted to see Disneyland built when you see all the buildings…it’s really a joy to see it done in the way we’ve done New Orleans Square.” – Walt Disney

On July 24, 1966, the new New Orleans Square land of Disneyland was dedicated at a special ceremony featuring Walt Disney and the mayor of New Orleans, Victor Schiro. An admirer of the unique look of New Orleans, Disney had believed that this style would add an ideal touch to the area alongside the banks of the Rivers of America. This area houses two of Disneyland’s most popular attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion. As there is not a lot of space available in this area, Imagineers had to be very creative in their placement of the attractions and the various restaurants and shops. Walt had wanted to build an apartment there, but Roy Disney changed these plans after Walt passed away, and the area would later become the Disney Gallery. This dedication was also Walt’s last major public appearance at the park.


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