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May 17

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May 17, 1940 – The Donald and Goofy Short Film Billposters is Released to Theaters


“Well, here we are! I’ll take this one, and you take that one.”

On May 17, 1940, the Donald and Goofy Billposters was released to theaters. This is one of the few “buddy” shorts between the characters. The song “Whistle While You Work” makes an appearance in the beginning of the short as the two characters begin their work. The short was directed by Clyde Geronimi.

Donald and Goofy have been plastering ads all over buildings in the farmland, and they stop at another farm to resume their work. Donald goes one way to a nearby barn, while Goofy takes the windmill. After he dips his brush into the paste, he accidentally places his brush on one of the sails without realizing. When he reaches for it, he finds that it has disappeared, and looks around, not realizing that his bucket of paste is caught by another sail. As he holds up his hands in confusion, the brush is returned to him, and he is quite amazed. The paste bucket lands gently on his head, pushing his hat to the ground, and he is startled when he finds the bucket gone, not realizing its current location. As he moves the bucket slightly (thinking it’s his hat), the paste spills out all over him.

Donald is hard a work posting the bills on the side of a barn

Donald is hard a work posting the bills on the side of a barn

Donald is hard at work, and a nearby goat is eating tin cans. He spies the ad for a can of soup, and takes it from the wall. Finding it delicious, he then grabs the poster from Donald’s brush as he is about to post it. Donald is surprised to find his poster missing, and as he holds the brush back, the goat eats the brush’s bristles. Donald turns around and sees the goat, and knocks him with the broom handle, sending it flying back to its pen, with Donald locking the door and taunting it. Goofy, meanwhile, has started posting, when his poster ends up on another sail of the windmill rather than the building itself. Confused again, he looks around for it, and the sail brings it back to him, covering his face. He then gets tangled in the poster, tripping over himself to get free from it. Once he is, unfortunately, the sail knocks him right back into the glue-covered ad.

The goat has been able to free himself from his pen, and goes to eat Donald’s posters, salivating. Donald begins to beat the goat once more, when his brush gets caught in the goat’s antlers. Stuck, Donald tries to apologize, but is cornered against the wall. He tries to tempt the goat into eating another poster, but the goat is too angry. Donald manages to free himself, but his victory is short lived as the chase around the farm begins. He saves himself by grabbing a sail of the windmill, and Goofy is knocked onto another sail. The two hold on for dear life as the goat head butts them late into the evening.


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