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May 13, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film The Mail Pilot is Released to Theaters


“Through clouds and sleet, through rain and winds, a pilot never bends. We carry on, we carry on, for the mail must go through!”

On May 13, 1933, the Mickey Mouse short film The Mail Pilot was released to theaters. The short was directed by Dave Hand.

It’s a busy day at the airport, with all of the mail planes being loaded with sacks of mail. Mickey is seen oiling his plane for his journey, and an important package is delivered by armored truck for him to send. Mickey turns to the wall to see a wanted poster of mail bandit Pete, and vows to put Pete behind bars. He then starts his plane, and after some sputtering, he takes off to the sky. As he takes off, it begins to rain, but Mickey is undeterred, even more so when he is attacked by lighting, and when he comes across snow.

After being forced to the ground by Pete, Mickey uses some ingenuity to get back in the air

After being forced to the ground by Pete, Mickey uses some ingenuity to get back in the air

Unfortunately, Pete sees Mickey, and begins his attack. Mickey tries to jet away, but Pete uses a machine gun to cut up Mickey’s wings. Falling to the ground, Mickey uses some quick ingenuity to stay airborne, although he is followed closesly by Pete, who uses a harpoon to grab Mickey’s plane. Mickey refuses to be caught, and takes off, dragging Pete behind him. He lands back at the airport, Pete in tow, and Pete is soon arrested. Minnie appears at his side, and gives her brave pilot a kiss.


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