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January 26

January 26, 1945 – The Donald Duck Short Film The Clock Watcher Premieres in Theaters


“Dear Royal, we’re loyal, we’ll always be joyful, we’ll work hard and long for to you we do belong.”

On January 26, 1945, the Donald Duck short film The Clock Watcher is released to theaters. The short was directed by Jack King, with the story written by Harry Reeves and Rex Cox.

The clock tower tolls 8 o’clock, and a figure is speeding through traffic. The figure stops to reveal that it’s Donald, who has to punch his time card, although he is a bit late. He fools the clock by turning the hand back with a magnet, and punches in to appear that he’s there early. He then goes to his job at the gift wrapping department at Royal Brothers Department Store, but is less than thrilled to hear the boss sing a song about “loyal workers.”  Just as the song ends, a barrage of merchandise slides down the shoot to meet Donald, and he quickly begins his work. But he doesn’t do a great job, as he breaks a fragile bowl, squashes a trombone into a tuba to make it fit in a box, and pops a football to fit in another box.

When the boss has an important announcement, Donald thinks that he'll be getting a nice bonus

When the boss has an important announcement, Donald thinks that he’ll be getting a nice bonus

Donald is distracted by a magazine and pretends to be working, then gives himself a rather long lunch hour. The loudspeaker announces big news, which has Donald excited, thinking he’s earned a raise. The boss announces that production has increased in every single department – except Donald’s. Donald continues his less than stellar work, wrapping himself in a rocking chair and getting flustered when trying to wrap a jack in the box. Donald imposes every method to keep the jack-in-the-box wrapped, but it gets loose every time. Finally, it’s five o’clock, and Donald is almost at the door, when the boss informs him that he has to stay and wrap a few more packages. Donald, having had enough, runs to the boss’s office, and the sounds of a fight between the two are heard over the loudspeaker.


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