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December 18

December 18, 1942 – The Donald Duck Short Film Bellboy Donald is Released to Theaters


“The guest is always right.”

On December 18, 1942, the Donald Duck short film Bellboy Donald was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack King, and stars Clarence Nash as Donald Duck and John McLeish as Pete.

The story opens with Bellboy Donald receiving another lecture on losing his temper with hotel guests from the hotel manager, who threatens to fire Donald if he does it again. The manager gives Donald a pin with the hotel’s motto – the guest is always right – to remind him that his job is at stake.

Shortly after, a guest pulls up to the front of the hotel, and Donald hurries out to serve him. The guest’s son, Junior, immediately begins to torment Donald, but Donald is able to keep his cool, for the time being. As Donald struggles to bring in the bags, Junior comes back to taunt him. Junior drops his banana peel on the walkway, and a bag-laden Donald slips and trips into the hotel.

Junior continues his torment of Donald, including closing the elevator doors on Donald's shirt

Junior continues his torment of Donald, including closing the elevator doors on Donald’s shirt

After the mishap with the bags, and accidentally tearing the customer’s luggage, Donald takes the guests to their rooms on the 80th floor. Junior decides to have fun with the elevator, and Donald, on the way. He closes the door on Donald’s shirt, ripping off the duck’s bellboy uniform. Junior continues to cause trouble for Donald, who sees his motto button once again and tries to play it nice with the boy. When Junior pretends to offer Donald a soda, Donald steps in the elevator, only to have the boy start the elevator, dropping down eighty flights, and leaving Donald caught in the air. Having had enough, Donald loses his temper. He asks the manager if he is fired, and when the manager says yes, Donald gives Junior a spanking.


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