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October 24

October 24, 1941 – The Donald Duck Short Film Donald’s Camera is Released to Theaters


“Shoot nature with a camera instead of a gun!”

On October 24, 1941, the Donald Duck short film Donald’s Camera, was released to theaters. It was directed by Dick Lundy, and stars Clarence Nash as Donald Duck.

The short begins with Donald deciding to take pictures of nature after reading a sign in a store window proclaiming he should “shoot nature with a camera instead of a gun.” He passes by a gun store with several taxidermal animals on display. Angered by this, he resolves to take pictures of wildlife rather than shoot it.

Although Donald is insistent on taking pictures of the forest creatures, the animals aren’t keen on having their likeness captured on film

The wildlife Donald encounters are amused by his camera equipment, and although he tries to get a good picture, he ends up getting nothing but caught in a cave of skunks. Soon after, Donald spies a woodpecker in a nearby tree, and is determined to get a picture. The woodpecker refuses to have his picture taken, and tricks Donald into falling out of the tree. As the woodpecker tries to catch his dinner, Donald hides in a tree stump, and uses toothpaste as a worm decoy. The woodpecker falls for it, swallows the toothpaste, and suddenly starts spouting bubbles.

Donald finally subdues the woodpecker enough to get him to pose, but the bird soon breaks free, steals the camera, and places it in the path of a falling tree. Unable to save his camera, an angry Donald runs back to the gun store, buys all the guns and ammunition he can, and goes on a mission to hunt down the bird for revenge.

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