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October 11

October 11, 1946 – The Figaro Short Film Bath Day is Released to Theaters

“Figaro…time for your nice warm bath.”

On October 11, 1946, the Figaro short film Bath Day was released to theaters. A handful of shorts for the kitten from Pinocchio were released, this time being seen as Minnie’s pet. The short was directed by Charles Nichols, with the story by Eric Gurney.

Figaro is taking a nap, when someone off-screen calls for him. He looks up to see Minnie Mouse waiting to give him a bath. Hearing this, Figaro hides and fights with Minnie, refusing to get into the tub. Minnie grabs some bubble bath, and begins to wash the cat, who is less than thrilled. She finishes the wash with a bow around his neck and some perfume. Minnie calls him beautiful, which Figaro interprets as looking like a sissy. Angered, he throws a tantrum, and falls out the window.

As Figaro tries to trace the fish he smelled, he runs into a mean alley cat instead

Outside, he gets caught by the aroma of fish, and follows it into the trashcan, where he runs into a mean alley cat. The cat looks at Figaro, and calls over his gang of cats, who all proceed to laugh at Figaro and his bow. Figaro tries to attack the alley cat, but is unable to lay a punch on him. The cat then pretends to be scared by Figaro, then gets the upper hand of the fight. When the alley cat places the shaking kitten against a mountain of trashcans, the shaking causes the entire mountain to fall, knocking the alley cat out cold. The gang is surprised to see Figaro walk unscathed, and run away from the kitten. Minnie finds him after this fight, and is given another bath, against his will.


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