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April 24

April 24, 1989 – The New Mickey Mouse Club Premieres on the Disney Channel

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On April 24, 1989, the third incarnation of the Mickey Mouse Club, later known as MMC, aired on the Disney Channel. The main difference between the original show and this updated reincarnation was that the Mickey Mouse element was highly de-emphasized in favor of the popular show trends of the day, which made the show lean more toward a Saturday Night Live format. The show premiered with twelve teenagers and two adults in the cast. Three members stayed with the show through its run: Josh Ackerman, Lindsey Alley, and Jennifer McGill; Tiffini Hale from the first season would return for the final season in 1995.

The show ended up as a launching point for many of today’s stars, including Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling. The Mouseketeers would still continue to have theme days, including Music Day (Monday), Guest Day (Tuesday), Anything Can Happen Day (Wednesday), Party Day (Thursday), and Hall of Fame Day (Friday). Many new serials were released through the show, including Teen Angel, Teen Angel Returns, Just Perfect, Match Point, My Life as a Babysitter, Emerald Cove, and Treasure of Lost Creek.


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