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January 27

January 27, 1998 – The Compilation Album Winnie the Pooh: Friends Forever is Released Through Walt Disney Records


“You’ve got a friend.”

On January 27, 1998, the compilation album Winnie the Pooh: Friends Forever was released through Walt Disney Records. The album featured several original songs about friendship inspired by the Winnie the Pooh series, featuring artists such as Mark Lennon, Nancy Bryan, and the cast of Winnie the Pooh. This album is one of many compilation albums released for the Winnie the Pooh franchise, and features songs with strong Celtic and acoustic influences.


October 8

October 8, 1993 – The Mighty Ducks Play First NHL Game


“The Ducks lost the game, 7-2, but more important than the result that night was the birth of a franchise that would go on to reach great heights.”

On October 8, 1993, the Disney-owned NHL hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks, played their first game as an official NHL team. The team had been founded by Disney in 1992 as a way to promote the hockey film The Mighty Ducks, and was originally an expansion team. At this game the Ducks played against the Detroit Red Wings at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim. The Ducks lost this game to the Red Wings 7 to 2, but would go on to have a successful career in the NHL with nine playoff appearances.