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April 18

April 18, 1927 – The Alice Comedy Alice’s Circus Daze Premieres in Theatres

On April 18, 1927, the Alice Comedy Alice’s Circus Daze was released to theaters. It was the 48th Alice Comedy produced, and the first to feature fourth and final Alice actress Lois Hardwick.

It’s a fun day at the circus, with the animals preparing for the show. There are plenty of sideshow attractions, including a rubber man. Meanwhile, Alice and Julius are preparing for their act while the circus begins its main show. There’s a mouse that rides a bicycle while riding an elephant, an adept jaguar tamer, and a lion tamer who comically loses his head. Finally, Alice and Julius present their high wire act, where Julius balances a stack of chairs, and Alice, on his nose. Unfortunately, as he shows off by lighting a cigarette, he sets the wire on fire, and the chairs come crashing down one by one, though Julius is able to save Alice with a ladder. The pair lands on the ringmaster, who chases them out of the tent.


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