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February 15

February 15, 1925 – The Alice Comedy Alice Solves the Puzzle is Released to Theaters


“Little Alice never had a cross word, not even with a puzzle.”

On February 15, 1925, the Alice Comedy Alice Solves the Puzzle premiered in theaters. It was the 15th Alice Comedy, and the first to feature second Alice actress Margie Gay. The short is notable for being the first to feature Disney nemesis Peg Leg Pete, then known as Bootleg Pete.

Alice is trying to solve a crossword, when Julius approaches her. He convinces her to give up her puzzle and go swimming instead, and the two start diving into the water with many aerial skills. Meanwhile, Pete whizzes by on a makeshift jet ski, purposefully goading the cops. Julius gets out of the water a dries off comically before helping Alice button her dress. Alice then returns to her crossword puzzle, though Pete wishes to take it from her, as he collects puzzles. Alice attempts to run away from Pete, but he chases her up the lighthouse steps and around the top of the lighthouse. Julius, seeing Alice in trouble, climbs up a rope to get to her, only to realize that the rope has fallen too late and lands with a splat on the ground. He manages to get up to the top of the lighthouse and beat Pete. As Julius celebrates his feat of strength, Alice realizes she finally knows the answer to her crossword puzzle.


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