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February 1

February 1, 1926 – The Alice Comedy Alice’s Little Parade is Released to Theaters


“I can’t get ‘em up!”

On February 1, 1926, the Alice Comedy Alice’s Little Parade premiered in theaters. It was the 30th Alice Comedy created, and the 14th to star second Alice actress Margie Gay.

The short begins with Julius driving through town announcing that war has been declared. A crowd of people follow him to the recruiting station, where they are suited up for war. The next morning, the troops wake up thanks to a rooster’s call, and line up for the general – General Alice. As Alice studies the troops, Pete and his men fire upon them with cannons. Alice readies her troops to fight back, with mixed results. Julius decides to use a stove as body armor while he shoots at the enemy, though it is quickly blown away, leaving him vulnerable. While he does manage to knock some enemy soldiers out, he is soon blown to smithereens, needing to be rebuilt at the hospital. Julius then finds some very strong cheese and a fan in a nearby safe, which attracts all of Pete’s rat troops; Julius knocks them out one by one, leaving Pete as the lone man standing. In a last act, Julius is able to shoot Pete out of a cannon, and is welcomed back to his troops as a hero.


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