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January 1

January 1, 1926 – The Alice Comedy Alice on the Farm is Released to Theaters


On January 1, 1926, the Alice Comedy Alice on the Farm premiered in theaters. It was the 27th Alice Comedy released, and the 11th starring second Alice actress Margie Gay.

The short begins with a cow in the yard eating various flowers, though as a gag one of the flowers runs away from the cow, refusing to be eaten. The chickens are dancing in a corner of the yard, while Alice orders Julius to milk the cow. He enlists the help of the farm dachshund, and the pair set to work. Unfortunately, Julius is unable to get milk from the cow, but as he leaves with an idea, two mosquitoes arrive and start biting the cow. Julius then uses the vacuum cleaner to pull milk from the cow, but ends up sucking the cow inside the vacuum cleaner bag. Meanwhile, Alice is dancing with the chickens, when Peg Leg Pete shows up to kidnap Alice. Julius chases after her with a makeshift horse, though it falls apart during the pursuit. He tracks Pete down to a shed and challenges him to a fight. Using starch, he turns his tail into a sword and fights Pete, but is soon disarmed. Finally, Julius throws the bucket of starch on Pete, freezing him in place before punching him into pieces and throwing him in the trash before freeing Alice.


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