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December 1

December 1, 1924 – The Alice Comedy Alice and the Three Bears Premieres in Theaters


“Ah! Hops at last!”

On December 1, 1924, the Alice Comedy Alice and the Three Bears was released to theaters. It was the 10th Alice Comedy released, and starred Virginia Davis as Alice. Although not considered a lost film, the short has not been released on home video.

The short begins with the three bears working in a kitchen, brewing what appears to be some form of liquor. Needing hops, the smallest bear runs out of the kitchen and spies some frogs “hopping” into a pond. He tries to capture the frog, but ends up landing in the pond. There is an underwater chase before the bear chases the frog onto land and captures the frog’s “hops” in the form of word bubbles. Meanwhile, Julius and Alice ride their cart into nearby house, where they find the liquor – and the bears. They run outside and try to make a break for it, though the bear catches up with them and seems to find Alice attractive. Julius and the bear fight, with the other bears joining in. They flatten Julius and capture Alice, placing her on a sawbelt to be cut in half. Julius gets up and manages to save Alice from the bears by using his nine lives as soldiers. Julius and Alice then share a kiss after she proclaims him her hero.


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