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October 1

October 1, 1999 – The “Sharing the Magic” Statue is Installed in Walt Disney World


“…Blaine’s intent was to show Minnie’s conscious decision to sit right next to Roy as a way to make him more ‘approachable,’ as he was rarely in the limelight as was Walt.”

On October 1, 1999, a special statue featuring Roy O. Disney and Minnie Mouse was installed in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park’s Town Square; the statue was named “Sharing the Magic.” The statue was created by Disney Legend Blaine Gibson, who also created the famous Partners statue that was installed in Disneyland on November 18, 1993. Roy was an important figure in Disney history, as he was a savvy businessman that would help turn Walt’s dreams into reality. Copies of this statue have been installed in the Disney Studio in Burbank on February 10, 2003, and the World Bazaar of Tokyo Disneyland.


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