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July 16

July 16, 2011 – A Lesser Flamingo Chick is Hatched at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Lesser Flamingo

“You could say that less is more for a flamingo chick hatched at Disney’s Animal Kingdom…”

On July 16, 2011, a lesser flamingo chick hatched in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and was the first lesser flamingo to be born in the park’s wildlife reserve. The chick has an interesting backstory, as it hatched and was raised by a group of greater flamingos (a larger species of flamingo than that of the chick). The egg was laid in a habitat near the Tree of Life, and was part of the first laying of eggs by the lesser flamingo species within the park. A decision was made to move the egg to the habitat of the greater flamingos when it was discovered that the eggs the greaters had laid were nonviable. The foster parents then watched and incubated the egg for the remaining 11 days before it hatched, and continued to raise the chick among seven other greater flamingo chicks.


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