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April 1

April 1, 1924 – The Alice Comedy Alice’s Spooky Adventure is Released to Theaters


“You knocked it in there— now go get it—

On April 1, 1924, the Alice Comedy Alice’s Spooky Adventure premiered in theaters. It was the third Alice Comedy created, and starred Virginia Davis as Alice.

The short begins with Alice and the gang accidentally hitting a baseball through a nearby window. However, the boys refuse to retrieve it because they think the house is haunted, which leaves Alice as the lone volunteer. She heads inside and looks for the baseball, and sees a moving box instead. However, she is relieved to see that it’s only a cat. She is startled by something else and falls backwards, with several items and a sheet falling on her head. She then wakes in the cartoon world, where ghosts are haunting all the houses and items are flying through the air. She hears a cry for help from a ghost, which, when she pulls off the sheet, is revealed to be her friend Julius. The pair then hear some nearby music and start to dance before heading over to the Spookville Open Air Concert. Ghosts are dancing and having fun at the gathering, though Julius finds himself in trouble when he interrupts a mahjong game. Alice knocks the ghosts out to save Julius, and the two celebrate, with Julius declaring his love for Alice. Meanwhile, Alice wakes up back in the real world, and heads out of the house with the baseball, but is caught by a cop, who locks her up in a cell for trespassing.


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