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March 13

March 13, 2005 – Robert A. Iger Named CEO of the Walt Disney Company

Bob Iger

“On behalf of the entire Board, I want to express how excited we are at the prospect of Bob [Iger] leading this extraordinary company and talented management team to new levels of financial and creative success in the years ahead.” – Sen. George J. Mitchell, Chairman of the Walt Disney Company Board of Directors

On March 13, 2005, the Walt Disney Company Board of Executives unanimously voted to elect Robert A. Iger as the new Chief Executive Office of the company. His tenure would become effective on September 30 of that year, after previous CEO Michael D. Eisner stepped down. The lengthy and highly detailed selection process began in late 2004; Iger previously served as the chairman of ABC Group, where he helped facilitate the merger between ABC and the Disney Company. Iger also served as the president of Walt Disney International, focusing on the Disney name in Europe, Asia-Pacific Region, and Latin America. He originally joined the company in 1996, when Disney acquired Capital Cities/ABC, where Iger was serving as President and COO.


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