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February 1

February 1, 1925 – The Alice Comedy Alice Gets Stung is Released to Theaters


“Oh, p-l-e-a-s-e kind sir, spare my life—-?”

On February 1, 1925, the Alice Comedy Alice Gets Stung was released to theaters. It is notable for being the last Alice Comedy to star Virginia Davis as Alice.

The short begins with Julius chasing a rabbit and catching it on its hind legs, but the rabbit manages to get away. The rabbit taunts Julius as he continues to try and catch the rabbit, but when Julius succeeds, the rabbit pleads for his life. Other rabbits notice the plight of their friend and start playing stringed instruments while the rabbit explains that there are several children waiting on her. Julius lets the rabbit go, sobbing, but it is soon revealed that the rabbit was lying. Angered, Julius begins the chase again and goes down the rabbit hole, but the rabbit scares him straight out. Alice comes along to help capture the rabbit through the use of a fire hose. The water shoots the rabbit up to the sky, and Julius climbs the column of water to catch it. When Alice turns off the water, the pair plummet to the ground, and once again the chase is on. Alice and Julius watch as other animals in the forest start dancing to their own band, and when Alice shoots at a bear, the bear dances past the shots, then angrily chases Alice and Julius. The pair hide in a barrel, where the bear drops a beehive before sending the barrel down the hill into the river.


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