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January 15

January 15, 1925 – The Alice Comedy Alice the Toreador is Released to Theaters

Alice the Toreador

“If we had a bull, we could win it easy.”

On January 15, 1925, the Alice Comedy Alice the Toreador was released to theaters. It starred Virginia Davis as Alice, and was the 13th Alice Comedy released.

Alice and Julius are looking at a large advertisement for a bull fight that boasts a $10,000 prize – but contestants have to bring their own bull. Alice spies a stray bull and has Julius help her wrangle it. The poor bull is so beat up that it’s nowhere near ready to fight, until Julius spies some roller skates to place on its feet. Alice and Julius take the bull away and prep it for the day of the big fight. Alice is confident that the two will win, but another contestant has other plans: he tricks another meaner bull to take Alice’s bull’s place, and steals her bull, thinking it will lead to an easy win. The fight begins, and the other contestant is thoroughly trounced having underestimated Alice’s bull. Alice then steps out and is greeted with the meaner bull. She tries to outrun him, and the bull ends up crashing into the wall and Julius. Julius sneaks into the ring dressed in a bull costume, where Alice is easily able to beat him. Unfortunately the ruse is revealed, and Alice and Julius are left to dodge trash from the audience.


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