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January 1

January 1, 1925 – The Alice Comedy Alice Cans the Cannibals is Released to Theaters


“How we gonna get to shore?”

On January 1, 1925, the Alice Comedy Alice Cans the Cannibals was released to theaters. It was the twelfth Alice Comedy produced, and stars Virginia Davis as Alice.

Alice is out driving with Julius, when they realize their car is about to go off a cliff. The two end up in the ocean, and Julius ropes a passing fish to help pull them to shore. A storm starts brewing, tossing the pair about in the waves all night. In the morning, the two find themselves surrounded by swordfish, when Julius uses a balloon tire to lift them away. The two land on a strnage island, and then find themselves as the potential victims of a group of cannibals. They manage to outrun them for a spell, though Alice and Julius get hit by spears. The pair then attack the cannibals with some old ostrich eggs, but this doesn’t deter the chief. Alice gets an idea, and manages to drive all the cannibals away, save for the chief. They attack him one last time, and are free from any further attack,

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