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December 27

December 27, 1930 ā€“ The Silly Symphony Playful Pan is Released to Theaters


On December 27, 1930, the Silly Symphony Playful Pan was released to theaters. The short was inspired by the tale of the Greek god Pan, a god of nature. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

Pan appears on a rock and starts playing his flute, causing the fish to dance around him. As he continues to play his pan flute, the flowers also begin to dance around at his command. He begins to play around an apple tree, calling all the worms to attention. They begin to dance around as he changes his tune. The trees and clouds begin to join in as well, with one of the clouds creating lightning so bad that it cuts a tree in half and starts a fire in the forest. The animals flee as the forest quickly burns, though many try to douse the flames and save their families. One of the raccoons alerts Pan, who rushes to the scene and puts the fire under his musical spell. He leads them into the river like a pied piper and they put themselves out. Pan cheers and disappears after saving the forest.

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