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October 18

October 18, 1926 – The Alice Comedy Alice the Fire Fighter is Released to Theaters

Alice the Fire Fighter

On October 18, 1926, the Alice Comedy Alice the Fire Fighter was released to theaters. It was the 35th Alice Comedy produced, and starred Margie Gay as Alice.

The fire bell sounds as a large fire ravages a hotel downtown. Inside the fire station, the fire fighters are sound asleep, until the bell quickly gets them moving in droves. Everyone sets off, while the hotel is evacuated quickly, and Alice heads to the scene as the fire chief. The crew arrives in comedic fashion to find one person stuck at the top of the hotel. They are able to rescue those that are stuck, but find another problem with putting out the fire, as the hose isn’t long enough. Julius gets exhausted trying to put out the fire by the bucketful, and there is another person stuck in the burning building. Two firefighters attempt to catch him with a trampoline, but they miss. Alice hears the cry of another woman stuck on the top floor, but she is rescued by a fire fighter that falls in love with her.


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