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September 28

September 28, 1931 – The Silly Symphony The Clock Store Premieres in Theaters


On September 28, 1931, the Silly Symphony The Clock Store premiered in theaters. It is also known by its copyright title In a Clock Store. One of the pocket-watches has familiar initials on its cover: W.E.D. The short was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

It’s late at night when an old man walks around the town, lighting the lamplights. He whistles a tune as he passes by a nearby clock store. Inside, the clocks are all ticking away, showing various times on their faces. A row of cuckoo clocks go off one after another, as do some alarm clocks, creating a simple melody. Different kinds of clocks and watches dance their own way to their peculiar rhythm, including a beautiful castle clock that features two figures around it hitting chimes, and two dancers on an elegant antique piece. Two alarm clocks end up in a fist fight thanks to the antics of a wall clock, with all the other clocks cheering the fight on. One clock knocks itself out, which the other clock is badly beaten.

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