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October 30

October 30, 1930 – The Silly Symphony Winter is Released to Theaters


On October 30, 1930, the Silly Symphony Winter was released to theaters. It was the last of a series of shorts dedicated to the seasons. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

It’s a blustery winter’s night, and a wolf howls into the wind. Three bears are sleeping under a giant rock formation, and the trees dance while the snow falls around them. A quartet of birds sing as they are perched on a reindeer’s antlers, and fly away as the reindeer gets up to go ice skating. Several other woodland creatures appear to dance in the snow, and one cub starts playing pranks on a sleeping bear. Unfortunately, the bear wakes up, but then starts to dance himself. A moose joins in the fun, braying loudly before joining a group of animals that are waiting for the Weather Prophet, Mr. Groundhog, to emerge from his house. He finally steps outside, covering his eyes, and looks around, unable to see his shadow. The animals dance at this news, when the sun suddenly shines, and the groundhog is spooked by his shadow. The shadow disappears once the sun is hidden by the clouds again, and another large storm brews, sending all the animals back to their homes as fast as can be.


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