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October 8

October 8, 2003 – The Dedication Ceremony for the 3-D Film Attraction Mickey’s Philharmagic is Held


“…things get out of control fast and Donald is unexpectedly plunged into a 3D dream world of classic Disney animated musical sequences.

On October 8, 2003, the opening ceremony was held for the 3-D film attraction Mickey’s Philharmagic. Although the attraction had been open since September 30, 2003, the dedication ceremony made it officially open to the public. It was the fourth show to be housed in its current location, with its history tracing back to the Mickey Mouse Revue from October 1971 to September 1980. The film is a prime example of Disney’s “4-D” film experience, where guests not only experience a traditional 3-D film, but a fourth dimension is added in terms of added effects of wind, bubbles, and scents.


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