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September 15

September 15, 2004 – Tokyo Disneyland’s Disney’s Halloween Event Begins


“This is Halloween, this is Halloween!”

On September 15, 2004, Tokyo Disneyland’s two-month Halloween event Disney’s Halloween began. The festivities helped to give the American holiday more popularity in Japan; celebrations of Halloween in Tokyo Disneyland actually began six years prior. Disney’s Halloween incorporated the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare that was popular in the Disneyland resort, and added a special Halloween parade, decorations, and special merchandise to make the event more palatable to the Japanese. Thanks to an addition of trick-or-treating, guests were able to come in various elaborate costumes of their favorite Disney character, although guests had to wear a sticker that identified them as a guest. The event was a huge success, and has led the way to more elaborate events in Tokyo Disneyland.


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