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March 25

March 25, 1956 – Child Actor and Disney Legend Matthew Garber is Born


“…he’s indelibly printed in all of our minds; he’s eternal from those pictures, Mary Poppins especially, and…what a cute little boy. An amazing little soul.” – Karen Dotrice

On March 25, 1956, Matthew Adam Garber was born in Stepney, London, England. Roy Dotrice, father of Karen Dotrice, was a family friend and he recommended Garber to Disney Casting. Garber was hired at the age of seven to play the role of Geordie in The Three Lives of Thomasina alongside Karen Dotrice. The film was a moderate success. In 1964, Garber was cast in the role of Michael in the smash hit Mary Poppins, making him and other members of the cast famous. In 1967, Garber was teamed up with Dotrice for a third time in the film The Gnome-Mobile. After traveling in India in 1976, Garber contracted hepatits, which quickly spread to his pancreas. He passed away at the young age of 21. In 2004, Garber was awarded as a Disney Legend, along with Dotrice.

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  1. Sad that he passed away so young!


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