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June 5, 1934 – Mickey Mouse Trademark Granted for Newspaper Cartoon Strips

Image from the original patent file. Image credit: US Patent Office Website

“[After the loss of Oswald], that’s when [Walt] decided that he would never not own his own work again. That was a crucial moment in his life and career. He knew then that he had to own whatever he did. And he held fast to that the rest of his life.” – Leonard Maltin.

On June 5, 1934, the United States Patent Office granted the Walt Disney studios a trademark of Mickey Mouse for use in books and newspaper comics. The registrant is listed as the Walt Disney Productions, Ltd. at the Hyperion Studios. The original trademark has since lapsed, but has been renewed three times, the last time on July 14, 1994.

When Walt lost the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit character to Charles Mintz in 1928, he was careful to make sure he owned all of his work and vowed “Never again will I work for somebody else.” The company is very careful to protect its trademarks, no doubt due to Disney’s fierce protection of his work after Mickey Mouse’s creation.


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