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April 1

April 1, 1995 – The Walt Disney World Water Park, Blizzard Beach, Opens

Summit Plummet - image from the Walt Disney World webpage

On April 1, 1995, Walt Disney World opened the second of its two water parks, Blizzard Beach. The park is sixty-six acres, and features several attractions, including one of the world’s tallest, fastest free-falling waterslide.

The story of how Blizzard Beach came to be is another page in the Disney Legend: There was a freak snowstorm that covered Florida, causing a ski slope to pop up. Unfortunately, the weather went back to being hot, the snow melted, leaving everyone with the question: what to do with the resort now? While everyone was pondering, an alligator saw an opportunity, and slid down the ski-slope with a loud, “Yahoo!” The ski slope was then turned into a water park unlike any in the world.

Included in the park are the attractions Shush Gusher, Teamboat Springs, Toboggan Racer, Snow Stormers, Runoff Rapids, Tike’s Peak, Melt-Away Bay, and Cross Country Creek. Summit Plummet, probably the most spectacular ride, is 120-feet high, with a twelve-story jump. The riders travel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.


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