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May 4, 1907 – UK and Europe Disney Distributor and Disney Legend Cyril Edgar is Born

Cyril Edgar

“Cyril Edgar sure could sell a Disney film.”

On May 4, 1907, Cyril Edgar was born in London, England. Although keenly interested in sports as a child, Edgar ended up working in film, scoring a job at British Lion Film Corporation Ltd. In 1950, Edgar moved over to Disney, acting as the liaison for RKO’s distribution of Disney films. Edgar’s eagerness and skill in this arena served him well four years later when Disney moved distribution in-house and built an office in the UK, where he was promoted to director of sales in offices located throughout the country. In 1956, Edgar was then named joint managing director of Walt Disney Productions, Ltd., alongside fellow Disney Legend Cyril James, and continued to sell Disney films and television programs to broadcast stations and theaters. In 1971, after breaking records with theater sales during the holiday seasons, he was named the European supervisor in charge of sales, working from the Paris sales office. After 20 years with Disney, Edgar retired in 1972. He passed away in 1987 at the age of 79. For his work in international film distribution and sales, Edgar was named as a Disney Legend in 1997.

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