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December 1

December 1, 1988 – Disney Announces the Creation of Hollywood Pictures


Image credit: wikipedia

“Along with the Disney and Touchstone labels, there was Hollywood Pictures, launched in 1988 to distribute more mature, adult-oriented fare.” – Alisa Perren, Indie, Inc.: Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s.

On December 1, 1988, the Walt Disney Company announced a new production label and subsidiary of the Walt Disney Studios: Hollywood Pictures. Like the already successful Touchstone, Miramax, and Dimension production companies owned by Disney at the time, Hollywood Pictures was meant to cater to a more mature audience. The division was established on February 1, 1989, and released its first film, Arachnophobia, on July 18, 1990. The most successful film from this studio was The Sixth Sense, released August 6, 1999; other successful films include The Joy Luck Club, The Santa Clause, While You Were Sleeping, and Mr. Holland’s Opus. The studio became defunct in 2001, but was resurrected as an independent studio in 2006; this was short-lived, however, and the studio was shut down in 2007.