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June 20

June 20, 1953 – The Goofy Short Film Father’s Week End Premieres in Theaters


“But Saturday night, ah, Saturday night! Gay, laughing, mad Saturday night!

On June 20, 1953, the Goofy short film Father’s Week End was released to theaters. In this short, Goofy plays the everyday man “George Geef.” It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Dick Kinney and Brice Mack.

It’s morning, and George Geef is seen going through the pattern of his day, until Saturday, when he has a wild night before his day of rest on Sunday. As Geef sleeps, his son climbs into bed with him, disturbing his sleep. The day begins, with Geef trying to get his sleep while the whole house is awake and noisy. He heads outside to get his newspaper, running into the whole neighborhood. As he lounges with the paper, he quickly cleans for company, only to find that the perceived company is heading next door. After breakfast, he heads to the backyard to relax in the hammock, only to be sent to the beach with his son by his wife. Geef is distracted during the drive by his son and their dog, barely making it there. The day at the beach is continuously ruined by misfortune that causes Junior to cry, until Geef takes him to the carnival, where he promptly loses him. He chases after Junior through a fun house, catches him and tries to take him home, only to get caught in traffic. The next day, Geef is more than ready to get back to his monotonous week.

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