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January 5

January 5, 1945 – The Goofy Short Film Tiger Trouble is Released to Theaters


“Tiger hunting – what mystery! What adventure! What an experience!”

On January 5, 1945, the Goofy short film Tiger Trouble was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Bill Peet.

The short begins with the narrator explaining tiger hunting, which frightens Goofy. His elephant guide sets him off regardless of Goofy’s fears, and they travel through the perilous jungle. Finally, it’s lunch time, and the pair set up camp. Unbeknownst to them, they have stopped near Tiger Country, and a tiger pops out, a lot less threatening than the narrator makes him out to be. Upon hearing the tiger’s roar, Goofy and the elephant immediately pack up and begin to stalk their prey. Goofy comes across the tiger, and the elephant flees while the tiger takes Goofy as his victim. Poor Goofy is left to defend himself, and manages to save himself by lighting the tiger’s foot on fire. The two grapple, until the force of Goofy’s shotgun sends them flying into the air; when they land, the chase is on. In the end, Goofy and his elephant manage to outrun the tiger, and leave with his stripes.

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