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November 3

November 3, 1922 – The Laugh-o-Gram Puss in Boots is Released


“Don’t let me catch you around here again.”

On November 3, 1922, the Laugh-o-Gram Puss in Boots was released. It was based on the classic fairy-tale of the same name, but updated for a then-modern audience. It was directed by Walt Disney.

Once upon a time, a boy and his cat Puss were walking down the street, with the boy bringing his sweetheart, the princess, a bouquet of flowers. Puss, in turn, flirts with her cat. While both pairs are occupied, the king comes out and boots the boy away from his daughter. He chases the boy around the garden and warns him never to return before throwing him and Puss out. The boy walks away dejected, moaning to the Puss that the king doesn’t like him. Puss, wanting to impress her mate, asks the boy to buy her a pair of boots, but the boy refuses and heads to the cinema instead. They watch a “Rodolph Vaselino” film about a matador, which gives Puss an idea on how to win the king’s favor – but he has to buy her the flapper boots first. The king is excited about the upcoming bull fight, where the boy will be fighting to win the princess’ hand. The boy enters the arena, but runs around terrified of the bull. After catching the princess’ eye, he summons his courage and manages to fight the bull, but has to call Puss for assistance. With Puss’ help, they knock the bull out, and the king allows the boy to marry his daughter.

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