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September 21

September 21, 1945 – The Goofy Short Film Hockey Homicide is Released to Theaters


“In no other game is the feeling of competition so keen, affecting both players and spectators alike, turning casual friends into bitter enemies.”

On September 21, 1945, the Goofy short film Hockey Homicide was released to theaters. It features clips from other Disney films, including Pinocchio and How to Play Football. The short was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Bill Berg and Dick Kinney.

One of the biggest hockey games of the season is about to start between the Loose Leafs and the Ant Eaters, and fans are preparing themselves with heat lamps, blankets, and hot water bottles. The game is sold out, with everyone being packed in. There are “a few” changes to the lineup, with the fans scribbling furiously to keep up with the announcer. The rivalry between key players Bertino and Ferguson is fearsome, and referee “Clean Game Kinney” steps out onto the rink just as it heats up, sending the players to the penalty box before the game starts. Kinney sets down the puck, and the players hit the ref instead, sending him flying into the scorebox. At one point, the puck is hit into the stands, replacing one fan’s burger and sending it to replace the puck on the ice, with the goalie eating the “puck.” Bertino and Ferguson get out of the box only to be sent right back. It’s an all-out war on the ice, until the buzzer calls the end of the first period. The second period begins, with Bertino and Ferguson coming out and heading back in the penalty box. Finally, the Ant Eaters manage to score, and there’s another face-off, with another beating of the ref. The game continues, and when the ref is sent flying from one goal to another, all the pucks in his pocket fly out, littering the ice. The players shoot one puck after another in a free-shooting game, with the fans even entering the ice to clobber each other while the players eventually watch the mayhem from the stands.

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