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June 17

June 17, 1938 – The Donald and Goofy Short Film Polar Trappers is Released to Theaters


“On polar caps, we set our traps for walrus, bear, and seal. We fill a zoo with caribou – depends on how we feel.

On June 17, 1938, the Donald and Goofy short film Polar Trappers was released to theaters. It is the first of a handful of short films that feature the two characters together. The short was directed by Ben Sharpsteen.

Donald and Goofy have set up their own trapping company with the tagline “We bring ‘em back alive.” Goofy is setting up traps while Donald is cooking up some beans within their igloo. Donald is annoyed with eating only beans when he spies a penguin outside. He thinks he can capture the penguin and roast it like a chicken, so he dresses up like a penguin to capture her. Goofy continues to set up a walrus trap, not noticing when a walrus takes his bucket of fish. Goofy then dresses like a walrus to try and capture it, but ends up lost inside a cave full of icicles. Goofy ends up getting trapped in a hole in the cave, and ending up stuck in some ice. He then sneezes, sending all the icicles falling to the ground, dressing him up like the Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile, Donald continues his hunt for the penguin, and wanders into a penguin colony. He uses his flute to herd the penguins, having them march behind him as if he were a pied piper of penguins. A baby penguin continues to get in his way, and Donald continually tricks it to wander another direction, only to have it end up in front of him again. The baby penfuin finds himself alone and lets out a tear, which freezes and rolls down a snowy hill, turning into a giant snowball that chases Donald and Goofy down the slopes and crashes them into their igloo.

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