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May 25, 1935 – The Silly Symphony The Cookie Carnival is Released to Theaters

“Here they come, freshly baked, covered with spice and candy flake, marching along in this parade at the Cookie Carnival.”

On May 25, 1935, the Silly Symphony The Cookie Carnival was released to theaters. The idea for the short came from the parades and bathing beauty contests held in Atlantic City during this time. The short was directed by Ben Sharpsteen, and starred the vocal talents of Pinto Colvig (best known as the voice of Goofy) as the wandering gingerbread man.

The short opens on the grand day of the Cookie Carnival, with a gingerbread marching band playing down the street, and one member holding a sign: “Beauties on Parade.” The procession of potential Cookie Queens begins with Miss Peppermint, who is followed by others the likes of Miss Cocoanut and Miss Banana Cake. All sorts of sweet treats have shown up for the festivities.

The gingerbread man decorating the girl, helping her to be the next Cookie Queen

On the peppermint railroad tracks, a wandering gingerbread man carrying a hobo sack enters the town, whistling the carnival tune. He hears crying and turns to see a young girl in rags sitting on a stump. He asks her what’s wrong, and she tells him that she’d love to be in the parade, but she doesn’t have anything pretty to wear. He tells her not to be so down, and begins to fix her up in true Cinderella fashion, telling her that she’s going to be the Cookie Queen.

Back at the parade, the judges look at each contestant, but still haven’t selected a queen. As the carnival comes to a close, the gingerbread man places the girl at the end, and upon seeing her, the judges declare her the queen. They knock the gingerbread man down to get to their queen, and the crowd carries her through the street to her throne. The judges then declare that the queen must have a king, and they pull out a collection of potential bachelors, known as the Candy Dates.

The gingerbread man is spotted by the soldiers and has to make a break for it while the Candy Dates are performing

The dates include from the Dandy Candy Kids, the Old-Fashioned Cookies, the Angel Food Cakes, the Devil’s Food Cakes, the Upside-Down Cakes, and the Jolly Rum Cookies. While the Queen is presented with the dates, the gingerbread man, who has been trying to watch the show and see the Queen, has been caught by the soldiers and is chased around the pavilion. Meanwhile the Queen rejects all the dates, and the judges conclude that she should marry one of them, or all three.

The gingerbread man steps out of his hiding place, thinking he’s safe, only to find himself pursued once more. He slips under the red carpet leading to the Queen’s throne, and has his hat broken into pieces as he steps onto the stage, bringing some of the red carpet with him. The Queen tells them to stop, that they shouldn’t crown the King that way, and everyone begins to celebrate the arrival of the new King. The Queen and King are spotted kissing, and they shyly hide behind a lollipop, which melts when they kiss again.

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