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November 27

November 27, 1997 – The Disneyland Attraction it’s a small world is Redone for the Holidays


“There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware it’s a small world after all.”

On November 27, 1997, he Disneyland attraction it’s a small world was redone for the first time for the holiday season. Colored lights and special holiday themed ornaments and costumes are added to the outer façade as well as the inside attraction, with the holiday songs “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” interwoven with the original song. The holiday version proved popular enough to be added to the versions of the attraction in Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland

November 26

November 26, 2009 – The Sailor Mickey Mouse Balloon Premieres at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sailor Mickey

“Ahoy Sailor Mickey!”

On November 26, 2009, the Sailor Mickey Mouse balloon, celebrating the Disney Cruise Line, was added to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The 61-foot-tall, 600 pound balloon is the 4th version of Mickey to appear in the parade, with its previous incarnation Bandleader Mickey last appearing in 2000. The balloon takes 70 volunteers to walk with it along the parade route.

November 25

November 25, 1949 – The Donald Duck Short Film Slide, Donald, Slide is Released to Theaters


“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! World Series today!”

On November 25, 1949, the Donald Duck short film Slide, Donald, Slide was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Bill Berg.

It’s a beautiful day, with Spike the bee being serenaded by classical music on the radio. He pretends to conduct a full orchestra as the music plays, only to be interrupted by Donald switching to the World Series. Spike angrily switches back, and Donald spots the bee. He places Spike near the radio and blares the ball game in his ears, scaring him. Donald then acts out the game excitedly, but gets a rude interruption from Spike again. Spike doesn’t give up easily, and enters the radio itself to change the channel. Donald manages to capture the bee and uses him as the ball in his baseball game. Spike tries to sting Donald, but Donald safely stays inside. As Spike threatens him with his stinger and taunts him with snippets of the game. Donald in retaliation creates a fake radio that will blow up in Spike’s face, and Donald, in his excitement, doesn’t see Spike’s stinger waiting, and gets stung in the backside. As Donald heads inside, Spike locks him in the shower and changes the station to his classical music, with Donald unknowingly contributing to the piece.

November 24

November 24, 1955 – The Mickey Mouse Club Circus Opens in Disneyland

Mickey Mouse Club Circus

“All the girls were dressed like Tinkerbell…it was pretty dangerous, but it was fun.” – Mouseketeer Mary Espinosa

On November 24, 1955, the Mickey Mouse Club Circus opened in Disneyland; the attraction is considered one of Walt’s few failures. The circus, itself a way to get some publicity for the show, featured several of the popular cast members, including Annette Funicello and Doreen Tracey. The kids would perform various circus acts, but the failure of the circus came in attendance – Disneyland had so many things to explore, and people didn’t want to attend a circus while there. The show lasted one holiday season before it was closed on January 8, 1956.

November 23

November 23, 1951 – The Goofy Short Film No Smoking is Released to Theaters


“Smoking became a new habit in the old world.”

On November 23, 1951, the Goofy short film No Smoking was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Milt Schaffer and Dick Kinney.

The story begins with the history of smoking, beginning with the time of Columbus, and going through the ages. However, modern smoker George Geef has made it a rather filthy habit, with cigarette butts strewn everywhere and a cloud of smoke constantly around him. His schedule revolves around when to have his next cigarette, but Geef is also plagued by irritated eyes, coughing, and wheezing. He finally resolves to quit, only he finds it a bit tougher than he thought. He battles himself with his habit, finding temptation everywhere. He starts to go mad with the need for a smoke, but can find no relief. He finally gets a cigar, but it explodes in his face.

November 22

November 22, 1984 – The Donald Duck Balloon Appears in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Donald Balloon

“…old favorite Donald Duck, after years in the Macy’s warehouse, took another flight down the route in honor of this 50th birthday.”

On November 22, 1984, to continue the celebrations for Donald Duck’s 50th birthday, a special balloon of Donald flew in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Donald Duck balloon originally flew in 1935, with a new version created in 1962; he also appeared in the parade in 1972 alongside Mickey to mark the anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World. This 1984 celebration was the first time the Donald balloon had been out of the warehouse in several years. Donald appeared in the parade right after the Tom Turkey float.

November 21

November 21, 2007 – Enchanted Actress Amy Adams and Walt Disney Studios Chairman Richard Cook Ring the Closing Bell of the New York Stock Exchange


“I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss…”

On November 21, 2007, actress Amy Adams and Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios Richard Cook were asked to ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Both were invited to promote the newest Disney feature Enchanted, opening the same day and starring Adams as Giselle, a fairytale character that finds herself in Manhattan. Adams and Cook spent time before the bell taking pictures and talking with traders on the floor.


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